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How To Win Slot Machines: 5 Steps To Get The Maximum Possible Payout!

Play slot machine Syncronite Splitz from the company Yggdrasil Gaming can be in demo mode, completely free of charge. Syncronite Splitz slot has a payout percentage of 96%, 6 spinning reels, 729-21,168 paylines. There is no bonus game, no freespins, no Wild symbol, no Scatter symbol, and no multiplier. You can play Syncronite Splitz slot machine in automatic mode, there is a "Fast spin" mode.

Slot machine Syncronite in Art Deco style and mechanics Splitz from the manufacturer Yggdrasil Gaming.

Syncronite (Syncronite) became the third slot machine in the portfolio Yggdrasil Gaming in which the mechanics of Splitz. The first was Temple Stacks with a jungle theme, the second was Neon Rush Splitz sending us back to the 80's, and Syncronite slot uses an Art Deco style.

Syncronite Splitz comes with a stylish audio-visual presentation and is played in a 6x3 grid with 729 ways to win - at least initially. The game cleverly combines synchronized reels with Yggdrasil's innovative Splitz mechanics, which can add up to 5 additional rows and 21,168 winning ways. This can lead to staggering payouts of up to 64,000 times per spin. That's extremely solid potential, even for such a very unstable beast as it really is.

As the third game with Splitz mechanics in Yggdrasil's innovative series, we love how they make each game so unique. The Syncronite slot stands out from the other two with its retro, casino-inspired Art Deco design, and Splitz's synchronized reel feature proves to be an effective and exciting feature combination that's truly stunning in size. The jazz soundtrack is also impressive, although it may not appeal to everyone.

If you roll at least 3 adjacent symbols from left to right, winning combinations are created, and you can bet from £10 to £20 per spin - a feature very common in games from this site https://sweetbonanzaplay.com/. A success rate of 27.34% means that about 1 in 4 spins is a winner on average, and an RTP of 96% is also pretty decent. Some players may skip the bonus round to look forward to, but the interaction between the two features gives a brilliant display that can produce wins you're unlikely to get anywhere else.

Syncronite Features

Combining innovative Splitz mechanics with synchronized reels is what this game is all about. You won't find a free spins bonus round here, but don't underestimate the tight combination of features offered in Syncronite Splitz.

Here you can release 2 to 6 Splitz symbols on any given spin, and they land like lion statues with a full reel. Each time you land these Splitz symbols, up to 8 matching symbols will be displayed on each reel. The number of winning ways will naturally increase as well, from 729 winning ways to a maximum of 21,168.

The synchronized reels feature will be triggered on every spin, and it gives you from 2 to 6 synchronized reels. You can also place Splitz symbols on the synchronized reels, which is the key to big payouts in Syncronite slot.

Play Syncronite slot machine for free

Once you start up Syncronite: Splitz you get a slot field consisting of 6 reels, three rows and 729 ways to win, but the number of rows and ways to win can increase (more on that later). To get a winning combination you need to land 3 or more of the same symbols on adjacent reels, starting on the left-most reel.

When playing Syncronite: Splitz slot you'll see that it doesn't have any special symbols. The only special character you'll notice is the golden lion, also known as a split symbol. When these symbols appear on the playing field you will see that they split and give you up to 8 positions covered with the same symbols. All other symbols are represented by casino chips, dice, cherries, bells and diamonds.

The Syncronite slot machine is playable on all compatible devices and bets range from €0.10 to €20 per spin. You can play in manual mode or select auto-rotation, the number of which can be from 10 to infinity. RTP Syncronite: Splitz is 96% and is about average, volatility is high, the coincidence rate is 27.34%. The maximum winnings you can get from a single spin will exceed your bet by 64,800 times.

Syncronite: Splitz slot gameplay features

The lack of any special symbols means that there are no free spins or other bonus rounds in Syncronite slot. But in order to diversify the main game a bit, the developers added the Synced Reels and Splitz feature.

Synced Reels feature - during any spin, at least two adjacent reels are synchronized, in order to display the same symbols. Theoretically, you will have the opportunity to synchronize all six reels, which in turn will lead to big winnings.

Splitz feature - This feature is related to golden lion symbols, if such symbols appear on synchronized reels they can split and give you up to eight positions of identical symbols. As a result, all positions will be filled with the same type of symbols. In addition, this increases the number of ways to win. If the maximum number of symbols is displayed on the reels, you will have 21168 ways to create a winning combination.

Overall, Syncronite is another interesting slot machine which uses the mechanics of Splitz and offers you a clear gameplay combined with a decent maximum payout.

Review totals

Syncronite Splitz may seem a bit simple, but seeing the two main features dance with each other and eventually come together for big wins can be quite a thrilling ride. Speaking of bigger wins, the theoretical maximum win potential of 64,000 times is almost unheard of. The fact that you can win this staggering amount in a single spin makes it a powerful player in the Yggdrasil catalog.

Yggdrasil usually gives good results when it comes to audio-visual presentation, and this time they certainly don't disappoint. The lack of a bonus game or free spins round may bother some players, but the synchronized split reels feel like a bonus round when they occur. It's nice to see Splitz Ways add up as you wait to earn what will likely be a solid payout.