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Tips for completing the game Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle. Passing Game #020

At first, he decided to take a cruelty test. He returned to the aisle, looked at the water barrel and tried to put the lemur in it. He couldn't stand it, but he remembered rumors that water changed its properties after mixing with different substances.

He returned to Husky's office and searched the closet left by him. He found soap there and decided to conduct an experiment. He threw it into a barrel and then washed the Devil Dog. So he got a shiny clean lemur . He showed the animal to the pirate. The first test was passed. He presented the Husky Hound with a golden idol taken from the treasury, and the second one was also finished.

The third test was the most difficult. It consisted of several questions. Since Brushian was familiar with the history of piracy, he had no problem answering:

1. Who was the ship's cook in the famous crew of the ill-fated Captain Flint? Long John Silver.

2. What was the original Cap'n Blood deal that was convenient for those who wanted to become a bloodthirsty pirate? Doctor.

3. How did Captain Swallow escape from the island when Captain Babossa first abandoned him? Inventing surfing with turtles, as everyone knows.

In the end, it was necessary to solve a simple mathematical problem. Brouchian replied: Henry Wobblins can reach the port in half a day. Diego el Cojuelo can reach the port in a day. Jean David L'Eclop can reach the port in 2.5 days. Joao de Passoromo can reach the port in 5 days.

Now the formalities. Brushian returned to the captain's cabin and took out the corresponding certificate from the cabinet. He gave it to Husky and got his legal daily grog ration right into the jug.

Having a Certificate for pirates with a low level of morality, Brushian did not object to robbing the treasury. Soon he received a coupon for a huge treasure and a funnel in addition.

He went into the hut and then went outside. He tried to reach the hanging bottle, but it was too high. He used a board and nails to make a new window sill. Then he filled the jug with his ration of grog.

The bottle was magically filled, and the pirates started snacking on seeds again. That's all. Brushian went inside and returned a moment later. Then he managed to find five seeds.

He went back to the parrot, gave him all the seeds and learned all the clues. Then he went to the globe and began to rotate it: starting from Spain, he turned the globe back to Spain to hear a click. Then he turned right east towards Japan (click). Then he turned left-west onto Newfoundland (click). Then he turned right to the east, into Greece. https://gatesofolympus.onl/tr/