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Types of electric waste

Very rapid technological progress and economic development led to the fact that household appliances such as TVs, refrigerators and washing machines began to be present in almost every house. Of course, this has its advantages, first of all, it greatly facilitates life. However, the technological revolution also has the reverse side - the growing number of so -called electric waste. What is electric waste?
Electric waste is a conversational name for electrical and electronic equipment, which is no longer suitable for use due to wear, failure or outdated technology. Passionate race of electronics manufacturers for the supply of an ever-based equipment to the already saturated market has led to a noticeable increase in the number of technological waste in the past few years.
Electric waste includes all devices operating on the basis of using electricity. We distinguish 10 categories: bulky household appliances - these are all types of household appliances that occupy a lot of space, for example, refrigerators, washing and dishwashers, electric slabs and oven, air conditioners, fans, heaters.
Small household appliances - household appliances are so small that it is easy to endure, for example, vacuum cleaners, toasters, mixers, hair dryers, scales, irons.
RTV equipment is a device used, including for receiving radio and television signals: televisions, radios, tape recorders, players, sound equipment. Musical electronic and electrical instruments, such as guitars and synthesizers, are also included in this category.
ICT and telecommunication equipment - this category includes devices that are part of office equipment, including home office equipment, including: desktop computers and laptops, stationary and mobile phones, printers, copying devices, faxes.
Toys, equipment for recreation and sports: all types of electric toys, pocket games, treadmills, steppers, exercise bikes.
Electric and electronic tools, including drills, screwdrivers, saws, solderingrs, welding machines and garden tools, for example, lawn mowers, grinders, rotor cultivators.
Lighting equipment - lamps, chandeliers, fluorescent lamps, gas discharge lamps
Medical tools, including electronic thermometers, modern diagnostic and rehabilitation equipment.
Small control devices such as thermostats, sensors, measuring devices and control panels.
Automatic machines, for example, ATMs and automatic machines for the outer of drinks. aplicaciones de apuestas deportivas mostbet peru