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What to see in Israel?

A magnificent tropical climate, beautiful seas and beaches, many monuments and a piece of world history. So you can describe Israel in several sentences. Many people fly here to see the places described in the Bible closer, but for much more prosaic reasons - just to get a little sunbath.

Eilat and the Red Sea
Located on the Red Sea, the city is a typical resort. A lot of hotels, private beaches and great weather - during the holiday season, the temperature here is about 40 degrees, but you can sunbathe here all year round - in January the average daily temperature exceeds 20 degrees, and in March it is often hot - 30 degrees and above.
The Red Sea is known for its magnificent coral reef, which you can enjoy in Eilat for free. There is a public beach near the border with Egypt, although if you are not indifferent to the sights of the underwater world, use the paid beach a little further.

Israeli mountains and deserts
Between Eilat and Be'er Sheva you will find mainly sand and stones. Here is the Negev desert, covering about 40% of the country. But do not be fooled - for many, this piece of empty space is the most beautiful part of Israel! There are many hiking trails in the desert - those that you can overcome in a few hours, and those that you will need to cross for more than a week. One of the most beautiful places in the Negev desert is Mitzpe Ramon, the largest karst crater on Earth.

Jerusalem is a city of three religions
The holy city of Jews, Christians and Muslims. There are three of the world's largest religions, which makes the city full of contrasts. The old city is surrounded by a high wall, inside it is divided into five districts, including Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Armenian.
Jerusalem is full of history, and visiting this city can bring a lot of pleasure not only to Christians. You can pray in the tomb of Jesus, take a journey along the trail of the Way of the Cross, go up to the Western Wall or take a walk along the olive grove towering over the city.
Contrasts will be the first thing you notice after arriving in Jerusalem. A city containing so many different cultures is noticeably divided. And the old part of the city, and much more modern - the differences between the districts are visible at first sight. It is because of this that a visit to the largest city in Israel is so exciting.

Dead Sea
The sea, or rather the lake, is located at an altitude of more than 400 meters below sea level, due to which the highest atmospheric pressure in the world prevails. The place is known for its healthy properties. It has a wonderful climate (more than 330 sunny days a year!), Extremely clean air, and a thick ozone layer protects from sunburn.
But, of course, the main attraction is water - swimming in it is an unforgettable experience. Due to the huge salinity, the water has a high density, so swimming in it is not easy. $1 deposit casino new zealand