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Highlights of Battlefield V - Hamada

Task A - it is the farthest, therefore it is difficult to protect. It may be in the north.

Target B - From here you can shoot at point A. It can be between north and south.

Target C - from here you can shoot at point B. It can be between the north. On the way to the point, you can find many shelters, such as boulders and stones. This target is the closest to the German respawn, making it harder to destroy.

Task D - It can be surrounded from the north and south. On the way to the point, you can find many shelters, such as boulders and stones. It is quite easy to destroy it, especially when you attack the hill behind this target (the defenders like this place).

In this chapter you will find a map of Hamada in the Great Operations mode. The chapter contains a general description of the map, map symbols, as well as flag descriptions in terms of available coverage points. The Battlefield 5 game guide will guide you across the battlefield.

Card Feature

The map of the first day is very similar to the map in conquest mode - the only difference is that the points that the attacking side must destroy are located in different places. These glasses (artillery pieces) are always well fortified and protected by players. Point A is easiest to attack since it is the most vulnerable. In addition, the point is located on a hill - you can quickly run to the ledge and jump to the point. Keep in mind that some players will reduce the distance, both to point A and south of point B. Additional factors that make it difficult to destroy points are sunlight and dust clouds. Point B is quite easy to destroy, but it may take some time to reach it. Fortunately, both points A and B are located far from the rebirth point of the defending side.

Points C and D are difficult to attack (although point D can easily be bypassed from the south). These points are located close to the revival point of the enemy side. There are many sandbags to hide behind them, and the general shape of the area favors the defending side. Also pay attention to the fact that if at least one point is not destroyed, the attacking side will lose the map.

The defending side has a low chance of defending point A and B. Even if you can shoot from point B to point A, without the support of allies you will quickly lose these targets (the respawn point is just too far away). Do not forget to shoot at transport aircraft (it will be more difficult for your opponents to be reborn) from anti-aircraft guns. If you play as a defending side, try shooting at enemies carrying bombs (one player can carry 2 at a time). If you succeed, the enemy will drop the bomb and lie on the ground - other players will try to pick it up, which will allow you to shoot at them. You want to get the most pleasure and memorable feelings, talking with a lovely stranger? Are you tired of the routine of sex, dreaming of thrills or just want to share your erotic fantasies? Visit cam girls free online and get unforgettable emotions from communicating with liberated beauties. Sex chat fantastically realistic feelings What are you waiting for, visiting one or the other sex video chat? We are convinced that in the list of claims to similar resources on the main place you have.