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Who creates games in Ukraine: Interview with the author of the G30 game, Ivan Kovalev - marble stain remover

Ivan Kovalev - on cooperation with Apple and Google, the mobile game market and the problems of a single developer.

In recent years, the Ukrainian gaming industry has shown rapid development. In 2018, gamers spent more than $ 179 million on games, and Ukraine climbed to 46th in the ranking of the most profitable countries in the industry. Now in the Ukrainian game development market there are more than 100 companies, more than 30 of them have arisen over the past few years.

We continue the section on those who create games in Ukraine. Earlier we talked about the studio Frag Lab, Red Beat, Game Labs and the author of the indie game PUSS !. The hero of this material was an independent developer Ivan Kovalev. His debut game, G30, won a Google contest in London (Google Play Indie Games Contest / Showcase). Ivan shares his experience and explains how to achieve success in the gaming industry on their own and without the support of the publisher.

The path to the gaming industry

I came to the video game industry only three years ago. Before that, he was engaged in music, graphic design, and even wrote code. I always wanted to develop games, but I did not know in what role I can do it. Subsequently, I learned that there is a cool profession of a game designer that combines art, code and cinema. Therefore, he decided to take a chance and refused to listen to society, looking for comfortable work.

They usually come into the profession of a game designer after working as a tester or programmer. I decided to go the other way - to make a small project for employers to show my skills. They still didn’t take me: the employers looked at the G30 and said that although the project is cool, it needs to be finalized.

What is G30

G30 is an innovative puzzle that combines two mechanics: a graphic puzzle and telescopic text. The combination of these mechanics demonstrates the work of human memory. Players move the dotted lines and collect certain images. If the player moves in the right direction, then stain remover is revealed that tells the story.

G30 shows how people with cognitive impairments see the world. The game begins with the fact that we find the main character who does not understand what is happening, and the story itself seems torn. People with cognitive impairment do not remember the whole picture.

This is my debut work, for which I received many awards. I went almost all the way myself, but Olya Khomenko helped me with the text design. Always select FloorMedics marble stain remover for best result