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Walkthrough Alpha Protocol: The Espionage. Final # 005


I would advise you to get to the place where Mina Tan is kept, even if you are not working with Leland, as this will not complicate anything. If, on the other hand, you work with Leland, this is of course necessary. Start by breaking into the north room (M21A, 10) where you will find a computer with the new Intel on Westridge (M21A, 5). This is important because you will not be able to come here again after returning from Mina. Return to the main room (M21A, 9) and break the guard on the south door to change (M21A, 11).

See how in the first room (M21A, 12) you will come across some enemies and a tower, which of course you will have to destroy. Move on collecting EMP charges on your way. You can also crack the safe in the main room, which will give you a Featherweight Reflex Sight (gun update) (M21A, 2). Now you need to go past the training ground, known from the very beginning (M21A, 13), which will be guarded by some enemies. Take your time and try to surprise your enemies.

You should look here because there are two towers where Mina is. Get rid of them by hiding behind the lid, and then break the guards on the door (M21A, 14). After you go inside, the cut-scene with Mina will begin. If you work on your own, Michael will automatically free Mina. In another case, you can change your mind about killing Mina for the last time (screen). Naturally, if you still want to work with Leland, you should not.

Now you need to return to the camera room (M21A, 9). Before you do this, inspect the area and you will find not only new EMP charges, but also the handle of the compound pistol (pistol upgrade) (M21A, 3). You can return to the northern rooms in two ways - along the same path as before, or climb the stairs to the balconies (M21A, 15). Regardless of which solution you choose, you must be prepared to destroy a few more enemies.

Open the door leading to the western room (M21A, 16). See how the passage after you collapses and you find yourself in an area occupied by the enemy. I would suggest starting with the destruction of the turret opposite you. Only when it is destroyed can you proceed to attack the guards. Be prepared to leave your shelter if enemies decide to use grenades. Then take Intel to the VCI (M21A, 6) and head for the stairs leading to the top floor (M21A, 17). If the alarm is on, you are likely to run into a few more enemies along the way. In another case, avoid cameras. You will meet your trainer on the top floor (M21A, 18). Bitcoin miner Cheetah F5M 53ТН algorithm sha-256. Buy at a discount