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Passage of game Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. Mission 01. Contact! (Evacuation)

There is only one thing to do. You will need to get to the evacuation zone. It is located on the roof of the main warehouse building. Keep in mind that some new enemy soldiers have arrived in the area (# 1). You will have to start moving towards them. Use walls and other items to shelter. You will have to deal with them quickly (# 2). This should not be a big problem.

Start driving to the main warehouse gate. It should be located on your left. Unfortunately, this is the only way to the complex. I think I do not need to say that you should deal with the surrounding enemy units (# 1). I would not recommend getting too close to the main square, because there may be snipers in the area. Go to the small stairs. They will lead you to the open gate (# 2).

I would recommend sending the rest of the team ahead of you. Your teammates should deal with most terrorists without any problems. I have to warn you. The warehouse is very dark, so I recommend turning on night vision. You will have to press the N key. Dealing with the remaining enemy soldiers is not difficult (# 1). Use the stairs. There is a passage to your left. You have to be very careful. A pair of enemy soldiers will arrive here shortly (# 2). Kill them and go to the small exit.

Upon reaching the destination, turn left and begin to move to the stairs (# 1). Go to the upper floors. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to kill several more terrorists (# 2). You could not kill them before ... now is your chance.

Once you are on top, make sure the rest of the team has joined you. Head to the warship. Press the X key to take a seat (# 1). Wait for the rest of the squad to repeat this action. The helicopter will leave this area in a few seconds (# 2). Thanks to this, you completed the first mission of the campaign.

Hardware Screen

After you complete each mission, you will be transferred to the equipment screen. Here you will have the opportunity to equip team members (including yourself) with new weapons and / or additional equipment. In addition, you have the opportunity to arm some types of weapons with various improvements. The choice is yours, however I would recommend you choose the updates wisely. I decided to offer some weapons, although this is a matter of free choice. You could also choose something yourself.

Mitchell (team leader) - it would be better to stick to the same weapon that you used before. In addition, I would recommend equipping it with one of the available updates. Combatsight seems like a good idea. Alternatively, you can bring along a sniper rifle (M99 Sniper). If you decide to choose this weapon, it is best to take MP5 (with a Battle Sight attached to it) as a secondary weapon. You should know that this combination will make running and aiming a little harder. If you took a machine gun, I would recommend choosing a ZEUS rocket launcher from the list of optional equipment. Thanks to this, you can blow up vehicles, tanks or even warships.

The rest of the squad - Brown and Allen should stick to their weapons by default. Kirkland, on the other hand, must get something else. In addition, you can go further and arm your weapon with some of the improvements available. https://australiacasinoonline.com