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Walkthrough Sniper Elite III - Mission 5 No. 1

Mission preparation

This mission gives you many opportunities to destroy enemies at a great distance. Therefore, it would be good to make sure that at the moment you are armed with the best sniper rifle. It is also necessary to take M24 grenades and dynamite - they will be useful in the explosion of enemy AA stations and to destroy an enemy tank that appears in the city at the end of the mission.

Mission statistics

Additional goals and objectives:

You need to destroy three AA stations. To learn more about how to sabotage them, see the walkthrough for this mission.

You need to explore three depots. After you reach each of them, you just need to stand in the middle of the room and wait for your character's comments.

You need to arrange an accident for a German officer. This is the character you follow until the end of the mission. You need to blow up the truck after the officer arrives. To learn more about how to do this, see the walkthrough for this mission.

You need to visit three Sniper Nests.

You need to perform one long shot. You will make this shot after you sit in a sniper nest on a tower north of the city.


You need to find nine war diaries.
You need to find one collectible card.

You start a mission in an oasis, southeast of the old city. When researching a card, try to squat all the time, because a large part of the card is an open area. In addition, the oasis is patrolled by a fairly large group of guards, and you will meet the first group immediately after you approach the huts. It is not necessary to destroy enemies here, especially since there are no additional collectibles or additional tests until you get to the city.

This mission is greatly facilitated by the fact that more and more allied aircraft fly over the oasis and the city. You can take advantage of it and shoot without risking being discovered. Of course, this does not mean that you should not follow the generators, especially since a flying plane only drowns out noises for a short period of time. Therefore you need to be fast.

You can access the old city in three different ways. The first option assumes that you are reaching the tunnel west of the starting point of the mission. Unfortunately, there is only a narrow path leading to the tunnel, and as a result, it requires you to deal with all the enemies that you encounter here (there are at least six of them). There are several explosive objects around, but explosions may not be noticed by enemies in the city, so it is better to rely on standard methods (silenced shots from a sniper rifle). Ребята, а вам хотелось когда-то посмотреть как семейные пары занимаются сексом? Если да тогда читаем дальше. Многие из вас могут подумать что я извращенец, но это не так, я просто люблю смотреть секс чат пары где парень и девушка или где две девушки кувыркаются и занимаются сексом перед вебкой. Видеочат полностью бесплатный, за этот счет он очень популярный среди жителей России и стран СНГ. Теперь и вы знаете чем заняться сегодня вечером, намек я думаю вы поняли))))