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Fishing for pleasure

Did you only fish in the store? Well, it is never too late to join this fascinating and noble occupation. The excitement of a fisherman is incomparable with the excitement of a gambler. In his behavior there is no place for recklessness and the notorious “maybe”, but there is a subtle calculation, a thorough knowledge of the subject, a study of the influence of random factors. In addition to the fishing rod, fishing line and hook with a float, beginners need to stock up on information about the fishing place: what kind of fish, where are they found, what are they taken to when they peck. Each species has its own habits, favorite techniques, taste preferences. To paraphrase a well-known saying, we can say: how many fish - so many characters. You will get the maximum pleasure from catching those inhabitants of the underwater world whose whimsical disposition ideally matches exactly your character. Let's say you're a choleric. Then cast a fishing rod behind a loach and a bream: they peck quickly, amicably, cheerfully, they do not have the habit of shoving their nerves with a quick-tempered and impatient catcher. Phlegmatic people recommend lazy burbot fishing. The long-awaited prize for the super-patient fisherman tench. If for 20 minutes someone drives the float from side to side, and the bait is not enough, most likely you attacked the tench. The main thing - do not rush into the hook. And if you are a little masochist and you have enough for another half an hour - your fish! For the most part, men are engaged in fishing.

Women often argue that fishing is just an excuse to pack up and have a drink under the plausible excuse of getting food for the family. But you must admit that it’s better that your beloved one disappears while fishing than visiting a dubious friend.
5 pluses of fishing
1. While fishing, your body is saturated with oxygen, because the cleanest and healthiest air is right near water bodies.
2. From the sun, you get a shocked portion of vitamin D, which gives youth.
3. Fishing is a great way to fight depression. Peace and quiet contribute to complete relaxation and relaxation.
4. Observing the float and ripples in the water, you quietly perform very useful exercises for the eyes and train your eyesight.
5. Fishing perfectly strengthens the immune system.
The choice of gear is also important. A good fishing rod is resilient, flexible, tough and light. It protects the fishing line from a cliff, and absorbs during sharp jerks of caught fish. This tackle is made of bamboo, fiberglass or metal alloys. The last achievement of progress is the telescopic rod, thanks to which you can see who got hooked. When choosing a fishing line, old anglers are advised not to look at the brand of the manufacturer, but at the characteristic signs of its quality factor. If the fishing line is uneven in transparency, with white matte inclusions, this indicates poor quality of the source material. In a multi-colored fishing line, such a marriage is more difficult to notice.

The second thing that professionals pay attention to is the burrs formed during drawing due to the poorly machined surface of the die, the outlet of the machine. The requirements for floats are simple: they must tell the fisherman what is going on under the water with the bait. They can be divided into three main types: sports (pole floats), floats with one attachment point (waggler floats) and two (stick floats). The most popular among domestic fishermen is the ordinary goose feather, which refers to floats with two attachment points. American fishing enthusiasts prefer porcupine needles, but for us it’s completely exotic. The choice of hooks, coils, sinkers, as well as spinners and wobblers in specialized stores is so diverse that my eyes run wide. And yet, fishermen constantly come up with something of their own. The basic law of fishing: no crucian carp will bite on an elephant. The fish is not indifferent to what you are going to "treat" to it. Bloodworms, earthworms, maggots, grasshoppers, caddis flakes, oilcake, dough - you will not list everything. Some have successfully used as a bait a small cork ball coated with an adhesive and sprinkled with maggot. Due to its resemblance to the head of the Medusa Gorgon in England, this tackle is called Medusa rig. The law of communicating vessels states: if you don’t bite, then it’s necessary for a neighbor to bite. Private chat, this video broadcast, and communicating tete-a-tete you can not only really get excited, but also get a real orgasm. In the erotic chat private chat communicate many beauties, both alone and in pairs, inviting their partners there. Therefore, when you engage in this communication, you live sex chat exclusively according to your scenario, and you will watch only that type of sex which excites you most of all. And along with all this, you will have a great opportunity to chat on sex chat video online.