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Steel strip

The NAME company is one of the largest suppliers of metal rolling and metal products in its region. In the range of long products available with us, you can choose two types of steel strips:

a strip of tool steel used for the production of various types of tools, both for mechanical engineering and for agriculture; hot rolled steel strip.

Tool steel refers to materials produced according to GOST 145-74. Its composition is from 0.6 to 0.7% carbon. To increase the hardness and bending strength, this steel is subjected to such types of heat treatment as tempering and hardening. To obtain special properties, other types of metals are introduced into this material during its production (alloy). Special properties make it possible to produce measuring tools, dies, molds and their parts from it. Cutting tools (drills, dies, taps) made of this type of steel work much longer than tools made of carbon steel.

Hot rolled steel is a type of structural steel. Parts and assemblies of various designs and mechanisms are usually made from this material in machine, ship, machine tool industry and similar industries. We sell rolled steel of high quality alloy steel and carbon steel. All products comply with the regulatory documents in force in the country and have the necessary certificates. Turning to our managers, you will receive expert advice on the available products, their properties, purpose and prices. Ongoing promotions will provide an opportunity to purchase steel strip at a discount Wholesale purchases of goods in the NAME company will also allow, thanks to our discounts, to save your budget.

How easy is it to buy our product?

The selection, purchase and delivery of the steel strip you are interested in can be carried out quickly and easily. You can order goods by filling out the feedback form on the website or by phone.

Managers of the company "NAME":

- carefully listen to you and answer all questions;

- will advise on the features of your chosen products;

- help to calculate the total value of your purchase;

- talk about ongoing promotions, possible discounts, etc.

In connection with the rapidly changing economic situation in the country, check the prices of the types of metal products you select before buying.

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