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Famous sights of Warsaw

The capital of Poland, a city rebuilt from the ruins - Warsaw. Despite the disastrous consequences of World War II, the city did not lose its charm and attractiveness, still surprising with its narrow streets, spiers of cathedrals and palaces. Getting to know Warsaw is from the Royal Castle. Like most buildings, it underwent an almost complete reconstruction and looks discreet from the outside, but inside the palace is decorated in the Baroque tradition.
It will not be superfluous to visit the Wilanow Palace, another famous royal residence. Here you can stroll through an elegant park, enjoy the interior of the castle and look at an amazing collection of paintings and sculptures. Royal Lazenki is also popular. This is one of the most beautiful residences of European monarchs, built during the reign of the last Polish king.
Talking about Warsaw, it is impossible to ignore the Catholic churches. The main holy place of the country is rightfully the Cathedral of St. John, built in the fourteenth century. It was also completely restored and now looks exactly the same as hundreds of years ago - high Gothic spiers, stained-glass windows, warm soft colors. The cathedral is visible from almost anywhere in Warsaw. At one time, it served as a spiritual and cultural center, laws were passed in it, the monarchs were crowned and buried.
Nearby is another famous temple - the Church of the Holy Cross of the seventeenth century. Many stories are associated with this cathedral, for example, an urn with the ashes of the famous composer Chopin was walled into one of the pillars. The temple itself got its name thanks to the bronze statue of the crucified Christ. During the war, the Germans wanted to take it away and to re-melt it, but for some reason they abandoned their plan. After the liberation of Poland, the statue was restored and returned to its rightful place.
Tourists with children are simply obliged to visit the Warsaw Zoo. It covers an area of ​​more than forty hectares, and the number of inhabitants has long exceeded five thousand. For the curious, a real gift will be a visit to the Copernicus Science Museum, where you can interact with many exhibits. The Chopin Museum, where his personal belongings are collected, his compositions sound, and special screens broadcast landscapes inspired by the composer are also required to visit.
Finally, you can visit the monument to the mermaid - the patroness of the city. She is depicted on the city coat of arms. According to an old legend, the mermaid, saved by people, vowed to protect Warsaw from all troubles forever. casino minsta insättning