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The design of the child's room

When a child appears in the family, parents should think about the fact that he will need his own, separate room. And they should make considerable efforts to make it comfortable and comfortable for their baby. After all, it is his room that will be the place where he will spend the most time.
One of the most popular techniques of space design is Feng Shui, or, to make it clearer, the correct arrangement of things and objects in the room. If you use this technique correctly and arrange all the items according to its rules, you can achieve a very positive effect. Namely, good health, material success, etc.
Before you start decorating a room for your child according to the principles of Feng Shui, you need to decide which function is predominant. For example, if your baby is still very small, it is clear that he will play most of all, therefore, special attention will need to be paid to the play area. For a child who is already going to school, it is very important to properly design the work area.
You need to remember the most important rule of Feng Shui is harmony and moderation. And you need to design a room only according to this rule. Initially, the room that you are going to design should be of the correct shape. It is desirable that the window faces east, because the east side symbolizes proper development and growth. It is also very important that the furniture in the room is not large and bulky. It should be comfortable for the child, and so that he can calmly, without a high chair, get things from the closet. In order for all pieces of furniture and interior to have a positive effect on the emotional state of your baby, they need to be selected in accordance with the age of the child.
When choosing furniture for a children's room, it is worth giving preference to wooden. According to Feng Shui, it is the tree that will give energy and strength to your child. Curtains should be chosen from natural materials, such as viscose, linen or cotton. The most favorable color according to Feng Shui is yellow and blue. The blue color will help the child to be focused and concentrated, and yellow, in turn, will have a beneficial effect on the child's well-being.
An important place in the room is occupied by the bed. After all, the sleep and rest of the child will depend on the bed. You can not put it at the window or door. The right place for a bed is the east wall.
When designing a children's room, try to take into account the wishes of the child. After all, no matter who he will live in it. And that's why his room should bring him pleasure. kripto kumarhanesi https://bc-game.casino/tr/ bc game