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Organization of the funeral step by step

The death of a loved one is one of the most traumatic events in our lives. Unfortunately, severe experiences are accompanied by the need to fulfill many formalities and organizing a funeral. First of all, in order to save yourself from excess nerves and stress, we will choose a good, proven funeral bureau, which will largely help us in the correct organization of burial. How to organize the funeral of step by step? Although many issues related to the funeral we solve through the funeral bureau, we will have to regulate some formalities personally. Step by step check the organization of the funeral. Formation
Before we start organizing a funeral, we will need a death certificate. If death occurs in the hospital, a doctor will arrange it. If death has occurred at home, we will be obliged to call a doctor who will issue such a card. Friends that should be filled out before the organization of the funeral, are the identity of the deceased, the work book or the last pension ticket. The following stage of formalities is a statement to the institution of social insurance on the manual For a burial, to which family and relatives are entitled. An application for a one -time cash allowance for covering the costs of burial is submitted to the social insurance body (ZSS), to the department at the place of residence of the deceased. We must also not forget to report the death of a loved one in the registry office within three days from the date of death. There, having presented a certificate of death, we will receive a death certificate necessary for further actions. Selection of a funeral bureau.
In parallel with the design of the necessary formalities, attention should be paid to the correct choice of a funeral bureau, which is engaged in the complex organization of the funeral. It is worth consulting both on the Internet and among acquaintances. It is important to call such an institution as soon as possible after confirmation of death; The body should be delivered to the refrigerator as soon as possible.
Further details related to the further organization of the funeral are agreed with the manager of the funeral. First, a convenient date of cremation or body burial is set. It is also the moment of choosing a tombstone, inscriptions, a possible portrait on it or additional elements, such as a cross, a monument or bas -relief. I can only think how good it would be if you had a couple hundred thousand rubles in your pocket now, how much richer you would be and how much your life has changed, I'm sure you can not even imagine it and I can because I know the site and I earn good money here so I can tell you that earning dough easy and simple these days and most importantly that you can do it sitting at home and playing on the phone site, come quickly and take your cache from the site https://unlimitedip.io .