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Social trading and its great potential 

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The stock market is changing. Due to the persistently low interest rates, new and profitable investment opportunities are being sought that still offer attractive interest rates far from the classic savings plans. Social trading is one such alternative that not only brings traders together, but also provides access to entirely new markets. This is where joint and collaborative trading is practised. One no longer wants to be dependent on the opinion of an expert but to be able to decide independently on each trade.

The basis for social trading is a lively exchange of information, on the basis of which all investors make decisions. And this concept is very popular - social trading is booming! Risk note: Investing money can be financially rewarding, but it is not without risk. You can lose (part of) your deposit(s).

Social Trading explained briefly

When stock market trading in withdrawal exness becomes socially networked, it is called social trading. Private investors can exchange information with each other, discuss market developments and jointly track down lucrative investment opportunities. This gives even inexperienced traders easy access to stock market trading.

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The principle of social trading

Social trading - also called social investing - combines stock market trading with the functions of social networks. The basis is an active community of private investors and professional traders.

Investors (social traders) publish their portfolio and explain their trading strategy in special social networks and on well-known platforms. Other private investors can view, comment on and even imitate this information. This form of trading is therefore unregulated investment advice and asset management.

The common goal is to replace traditional trading on the stock exchange via a few online brokers (experts) with a large and experienced community.

Private investors should thus be able to trade themselves and independently. Basically, no or only little knowledge is necessary to participate in global trading and everyone can start immediately.

The players

There are the signal providers (top traders) and their followers. Signal providers can be hobby investors but also professional financial service providers. They publish a public sample portfolio and thus also disclose their investment strategy. All purchases and sales are thus completely visible to other traders, and the investment strategies can usually be fully traced on the basis of the public data.

In addition, there are the followers, i.e. all private investors. They follow the strategies of one or more top traders that they consider profitable. Initially, they can only observe the investments without having to invest themselves. Only when they like the performance can they copy the strategy of the social trader.